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4 Health Benefits of Cherries

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Most of us cannot think of enjoying an ice-cream, cake or dessert properly without adding our favorite cherries as topping or ingredient. Well there is definitely more to cherries than doing justice to our taste buds. The health benefits of cherries are numerous and here are the top 4 of them listed for your information and use. But before you go on to the benefits, you should get a quick peek at cherry fruit nutrition facts.

Cherries are listed amongst the top 20 foods with most antioxidants. Just a standard cup (138 g) of cherries can pack in a whopping 4,873 antioxidants in to your system. They are also rich in anthocyaantioxidant-fruits.comns, which are phytochemicals, but surprisingly are very low in calories when compared to the tremendous nutritional benefits that they offer.

4 Ways in Which Cherries Can Benefit Your Health

  1. The advantage of being a high antioxidant fruit property confers the maximum health benefits on this delicious fruit. Antioxidants help in repair of damaged body cells and also protect them from the damage inflicted by free radicals.
  2. High concentration of melatonin helps in relieving any kind of sleep disorders and ensures that you get a good night’s sleep and wake up fully refreshed and rejuvenated. Melatonin also ensures that your brain health is maintained well and prevents diseases like Alzheimer’s.
  3. The anthocyanin in cherries protects your heart and prevents any tissue damage or plaque buildup.
  4. A bowl of cherries can even help you walk without pain, because their anti-inflammatory property can double up as a natural pain killer for people suffering from arthritis and gout.
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