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5 Benefits of Bananas

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5 Benefits of Bananas

Did you ever have questions regarding the health benefits of bananas? Think again. According to experts, when compared to an apple, bananas actually have twice as much carbohydrates, thrice as much phosphorus and five times as much Vitamin A and iron. Those alone should make include the banana in your meals from now on.



Bananas naturally contain sugars as well so it would be a perfect replacement for energy bars or a cup of coffee. I bet you did not have any idea about these banana nutrition facts, right? Well, now you have a clue – and you no longer have to feel sluggish and drowsy in the midday and you can get rid of your caffeine addiction, too.

The number one thing that bananas are known for is its potassium content. This actually plays a role in assisting the circulatory system so that it could deliver oxygen into the brain. Thus, blood pressure is regulated, a regular heartbeat is maintained and the chances of suffering from a stroke are greatly reduced. You also help your body maintain the proper balance of water.

In the case of women having their menstrual period, bananas can actually help reduce pains and cramps during menstruation much more effectively than pills. The Vitamin B6 that it contains also helps regulate the glucose level in the blood and with one’s mood.

Aside from the banana nutrition facts above, this superfood is also found to have calming effects as well. Pregnant women eat them to fight morning sickness and are helpful in regulating temperature in the process.

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