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5 Fruits to Grow at Home

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5 Fruits to Grow at Home5 Fruits to Grow at Home

Whether for aesthetic purposes or for health, fruits grown at home are praiseworthy, in the sense that you personally cultivated them. You don’t have to confine yourself to simply growing fruits in your backyard. Now, you can grow them indoors or have them sit by your window sill. Here they are:

  • Dwarf Pomegranates-look for small Punica granatum var. nana. This has a height of only 3 feet and even though still young, it bears small red flowers. It also has tiny fruits but they rarely ripen.
  • Cape Gooseberries-if you want bushy plants in pots, pick out ground cherry and cape gooseberry. They give small bite-sized fruits in papery husks. They grow about 1 foot but can be taller when they are placed near direct sunlight.
  • Mulberry-to be grown in area where there’s indirect sunlight and ventilation, the Morus nigra Chelsea or black mulberry grows slowly yet yields fruit during summer.
  • Apricots-With smaller varieties like St. Julien A rootstocks, Goldcot and  Shipleys, use soil-less pots to make them grow with better compost and drainage.
  • Peaches-opt for the dwarf varieties like the bonanza. They grow 30-inch stems that bear fruits. Keep them in a sunny place.

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