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5 Knee-Friendly Fruits

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5 Knee-Friendly Fruits5 Knee-Friendly Fruits

There are times when we can’t escape the reality that we are getting older and our bodies are not as young as before. These are moments when we walk around for hours or ride a bike for quite sometime then we can’t help but complain of knee pain later on. This kind of discomfort is often a sign of osteoarthritis. To treat osteoarthritis, you can have surgery, drink medication or even just lose excess weight. The best course of action is to determine the cause of the pain and then choose the proper remedy for it.

In the meantime, here are 5 fruits that are deemed to be knee-friendly due to their high Vitamin C content. What’s even great about them is that they decrease the chances of getting bone marrow lesions which can lead to osteoarthritis.

What your knees need aside from Vitamin C, is calcium. The fruits mentioned above also has them in good quantity that can benefit you on a daily basis. Another thing to take note is that eating those fruits is only the beginning. you should get into weight-bearing exercises, give up softdrinks and watch your sodium intake.

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