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A Healthy Fruit Festival – Lanzones Festival

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Lanzones FestivalWe all know that Lanzones (Lansium Domesticum) is a good antioxidant fruit that fights free radicals in our body. It is a fact that Lanzones are rich in vitamins B namely riboflavin, thiamine, B1 and B2. But there is more to Lanzones than what it provides for a healthy body. It offers priceless smiles on every person’s face knowing that a Lanzones Festival is being celebrated yearly in a small island in the southern part of the Philippines called Camiguin.

The Lanzones festival in Camiguin island is a celebration of health and wellness of what the Lanzones has to offer. It is celebrated every third week of October during the most abundant harvest of Lanzones. The Lanzones is considered a healthy fruit snack most especially for diabetics. Its rich vitamin B content helps break down of sugars in the body making it useful for energy.

Moreover, the Lanzones also contains a significant amount of vitamin A and carotene. Vitamin A promotes healthier skin and bones. While carotene is a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent cancer. It has a valuable effect in the body that keeps harmful free radicals away from your body. Lanzones is worth celebrating.

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