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A Preview on Tart Cherry

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A Preview on Tart CherryA Preview on Tart Cherry

You need not travel all across Europe, Asia Minor or the Northern Hemisphere to get a dose or taste of the tart cherry, commonly known as the sour cherry. You could simply take a ten or fifteen minute drive to your nearest supermarket or to the latest ultra-modern malls and just swing by the fruit section where you can find a variety of berries and cherries. They may be fresh, frozen, dried or canned duly available at your convenience and choice.

The sour cherry has been known to have other names such as Prunus Cerasus, tart cherry juice, pie cherry, Montmorency cherry and Balaton cherry. It has been applied by the old traditional folk healers to rid of the painful gout, arthritis, muscular pains and diabetes. It is being considered today as food supplement to promote cardiovascular health and to slow down the progress of neurodegenerative Alzheimer or Parkinson’s disease.

Reliable medical research and studies show that the sour cherry has a high concentration of phelonics and anthocyanins found to protect neutrons from damaging caused by oxidized stress lowering the urate levels of the blood as well.

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