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About Cantaloupes

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Cantaloupes are the most popular variety of melon. This amazing fruit is packed with Vitamin A and C and is a good source of potassium and other minerals, which are essential to the human body.

You must always choose cantaloupes, which are fully ripe as there antioxidant properties are said to be the highest then. Cantaloupe health benefits are many and they have been to be effective in treating illnesses.

Cantaloupe nutrition, which is primarily packed with Vitamin A and C helps in preventing cataracts and research has helped prove that they are capable of fighting free radicals in the body too,

Cantaloupes are among the healthiest foods and are a key to your good health. They are known to be beneficial in illnesses, which include arthritis, diabetics, constipation, skin diseases, fever and high blood pressure, disorders of the kidney and bladder, rheumatism, blood deficiencies, abdominal gas and may also help prevent certain types of cancer.

The folate content in cantaloupe, which helps in the production and maintenance of new cells, is extremely beneficial during pregnancy. Adenosine, which is a compound found in cantaloupe, is used by patients with heart disease as a blood thinning agent.

Oxykine, which is an extract from cantaloupe has been found to promote cellular antioxidant activity and protects against oxidative stress. Cantaloupes are a rich source of beta carotene and they have been found to be effective in preventing cancer of larynx, lungs and esophagus.

Cantaloupes are also said to have anti-inflammatory properties. There is a lot of research been done on this fruit and its magical properties, which can help keep the body young and healthy.

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Tuesday 15th of February 2011

can a cantalope be too ripe? i had bought 2 cantalopes on the 8th and did not put them in the fridge. i cut them open on the 18th and they were real sweet. was it too ripe?