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Acai Berries-#1 Superfood

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Acai berries in a basketAcai Berries-#1 Superfood

When it comes to losing weight, no other product has garnered much attention online as the famed acai berry. This wonder fruit has been praised for its detoxifying qualities and best of all, its weight loss effects. Recommended by celebrities and even features on Oprah in 2006, the acai berry gives you benefits like increased energy, lowered appetite and decreased build-up of excess fat in your body.

Acai berries are from Central and South America. Growing on acai palm trees, these purple sour fruits contain high levels of antioxidant properties, amino acids and protein. Native Amazons in those areas have used them in their daily diet.

The effects are there but it should also be clear that the acai berries alone will not make you lose weight. You have to still do the work like exercising, watching what you eat and keeping to a healthier lifestyle. Many people who want to lose weight turn to this “superfood” as a supplement to their diet and exercise regimen. Due to its popularity, the berries have been turned into acai antioxidant fruit juice, dried frozen berries, mixed into food and are now sold worldwide in forms of pills, powder, capsules and liquid extracts.

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