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Acai Berry Products

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Acai Berry Products

Acai berries are small, round, purple sour fruits that contains high levels of antioxidants such as proteins and amino acids. This super food is found in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil.

Due to its popularity, the berries have been turned into:

  • acai juice
  • smoothies
  • teas
  • snack bars
  • frozen berries
  • sodas
  • energy bars
  • ice creams
  • acai supplements (in the forms of capsules, tablets, pills and even in powder).

Some of the health benefits of acai products are as follows:

  • cleans and detoxifies the body of infection
  • improves blood circulation
  • helps reduce the risk of diabetes
  • controls cholesterol and sugar levels
  • enhances sexual desire
  • provides more restful sleep
  • fights aging as it rejuvenates the skin
  • promotes weight loss

The most common and sought after is the acai supplement. Since its non-stop trend in the market (especially in the Internet), many acai berry scams have puffed up all over as well with false information about it. So always take precautions when searching for one. For the meantime, it is still best to consume its nutrients by eating the berry itself or you may also try other acai recipes.

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