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Acai Berry Side Effects

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Acai Berry Side EffectsAcai Berry Side Effects

Let’s face it, looking attractive by losing weight is one sure way to attract the opposite sex. If you look fit and trim, you can dress well and feel better. Your self-esteem improves and this will show in your overall stature. One of the proven weight loss methods is intake of the acai berry juice.

Acai is a fruit that has many qualities which can be an advantage for anyone who wants to lose weight but still remain healthy. This fruit which comes from South America is perishable which is why companies have come up with alternatives like juice, smoothie, energy bar, energy drink and supplementary pills.

Unfortunately, there are some side effects when you buy acai berry energy drink. This is due to the ingredient guarana which has caffeine qualities. Although it can suppress your appetite, it is not advisable to drink it when you’re on medication. Same applies to acai diet pills. Some users complain of headaches, indigestion, migraine and heartburn after taking them.

It is better to buy acai juice since it carries no side effects but still gives you the weight loss aid you need. Do you know where to find the best acai juice? Leave a comment for us!

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