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Acerola, the Mighty Antioxidant Cherry

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Acerola, the Mighty Antioxidant CherryAcerola, the Mighty Antioxidant Cherry

The acerola is a red cherry fruit which can be found at the southern part of US, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America. The acerola shrub thrives in tropical areas and bears round red pulpy fruits. It has been known in different names like Barbados Cherry, West Indian Cherry, Wild Crapemyrtle and the popular Acerola. Scientifically, it has been called as the Malpighia emaginata.

For the health conscious, the antioxidant value of fruit is important when you’re watching your weight and well-being. Acerola is very edible and healthy with its distinct sour taste, however if cultivated properly, it could be sweet. Studies show that it is 32 times more Vitamin C than Orange juice. The 100g of acerola is equal to 1677.6 mg of Vitamin C which makes it one of the best antioxidant fruits in the market. Tested over different kinds of frozen juice pulps, the acerola came out with flying colors and garnered the highest 53.2 mmol g antioxidant properties.

To fight off toxins and bring your wellness level up a notch, the acerola packs the needed health punch you need on a daily basis.

Have you tried the acerola cherry?  How do you like it?  What sort of recipes have you come up with for the acerola cherry?  Please leave a comment below and share your experience with our readers.

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Victor Franco

Wednesday 8th of April 2015

On comparation with Camu Camu , how is Acerola ? Thanks.


Sunday 4th of March 2012

We have one acerola cherry tree and we like eating the fruit straight off it. The fruit is not suitable for storing fresh, or for transport. Chickens like eating cherries that dropped on the ground. Fallen and spoilt fruit is used as a fertiliser for acid loving plants like blueberries.