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All Natural Dried Fruit

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Choosing a sensible snack is usually the goal, but not always what happens when you are on the move or so hungry you just want to grab something fast.  On those evenings when you are exhausted, have a quiet evening to relax or just have such a busy schedule that dinner is out of the question, grab some crunchy n yummy fruit to fill your tummy.  All natural dried fruit is simply to make and enjoy at a moments notice. Many stores sell versions of dried fruit in bags that can be sealed again and again but there is no guarantee that the fruit is organic unless the product specifically says so.

Making your own all natural dried fruit would ensure that no added preservatives or sugars are added.  If you already own a dehydrator then making your own dried fruit is a breeze, simply add the organic fruit of your choice to the tray and turn on the machine.  A fun trick is to dehydrate fruit combinations together such as apples and bananas to create flavor filled fruit chips on your own.  Slice apples thinly and place a small banana chip in the center and dehydrate together for the flavors to mingle. All natural dried fruit is definitely a sensible snack that can be kept handy for all your snacking needs.

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