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ALO Drink Exposed Product Review

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I saw ALO, I think, on TV, or it was covered on some news program. I wanted to try it for the website, so I contacted them and asked for samples. They sent us the following:

Aloe Vera Juice - ALO Drinks Variants
Aloe Vera Juice – ALO Drinks
  • ALO Exposed – original aloe vera
  • ALO Awaken – wheatgrass and aloe vera
  • ALO Allure – mangosteen, mango and aloe vera
  • ALO Enrich – pomegranate, cranberry, and aloe vera
  • ALO Appeal – pomelo, pink grapefruit, lemon, and aloe vera
  • ALO Elated – brewed olive leaf tea and aloe vera

First is their “Exposed,” which is their original drink with honey.

aloe vera juice drink alo drink review exposed photo

This ALO drink blend is made with chunks of natural Aloe pulp and juice straight from the Aloe Vera plant.

Ingredients include Spring Water, Aloe Vera Pulp, Aloe Vera Juice, Cane Sugar, Honey, Citric Acid, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), and Natural Grape Flavor.

The benefits of drinking aloe vera juice include:

  • vitamins
  • minerals
  • essential amino acids

ALO Drinks are sold in two sizes:

  • 16.9 oz (500 mL), suggested retail is $1.99
  • also come in 50.7 oz (1.5L), suggested retail is $4.99

For the ALO Drink Exposed, 8 fl. oz contains:

  • 60 Calories
  • 45 mg of sodium
  • 15 g of carbohydrate
  • 13 g of Sugar

If you do not consume it all at once, you want to refrigerate it after opening it.

I LOVED THE TASTE OF THIS – it tastes like refreshing grape juice. I also liked the pulp from the aloe vera plant, as it wasn’t like citrus pulp – it was not as stringy.

Some of these aloe vera drinks benefits include:

  • All-natural
  • no preservatives
  • No artificial coloring
  • No artificial flavors

Retailers include:

  • Whole Foods
  • Hy-Vee
  • Ralph’s
  • Henry’s
  • Sunflower Market
  • Earthfare
  • Ray’s
  • Walgreens in Northern California
  • Central Market
  • Woodman’s

Here is another video I shot during the review process:

Have you tried these drinks? Did you like them? Do you buy Alo drinks online? Where do you buy them and how much are they?

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Sunday 14th of September 2014

Where in anchorage Alaska can I buy ALO water


Wednesday 31st of October 2012

Love it just wish it was vegan...leave the honey out!


Wednesday 31st of October 2012

Many Vegans consider honey Vegan - it's always interesting the perspective on it!


Friday 2nd of December 2011

I live in northern California, we have a store called holiday market, the first time I had this drink was yesterday, and I am hooked just got my second bottle and drink them in a only a few minutes. At first I almost thought the aloe pulp was a gelatin type substance, I was intrigued by the mild grape flavour and my favorite part is the pulp. I find myself chewing on the peices, the texture is so odd but I love it. It reminds me of an episode of Andrew zimmerns bizzare foods, where he traveled and had a hot aloe vitamin tonic it was heated, dark brown, stringy and he claimed it was foul as he handed it off to a elderly native woman. Since then Ive been interested aloe, I got it for about three bucks, the store only has exposed. But ill be keeping my eye out for the other favours of this tasty drink. Definatly worth a try!


Saturday 3rd of December 2011

Mariah! I can totally relate. How funny. It is great stuff. Exposed is still my very favorite - but they do have another line of products that have coconut milk or coconut something in them.


Monday 12th of September 2011

why is ontario canada only getting ALO Allure – mangosteen, mango and aloe vera ALO Enrich – pomegranate, cranberry and aloe vera these three flavors


Thursday 9th of June 2011

You should try their ALO with Coconut water, it's even better.