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Antioxidant Energy Drink Bai5 Sumatra Dragonfruit – Review

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Bai5 Sumatra Dragonfruit - Antioxidant Energy Drink

Bai5 Sumatra Dragonfruit – Antioxidant Energy Drink

I have featured Bai Drinks on the website before, but not the Sumatra Dragonfruit flavor.

This flavor, in particular, is one of Bai’s 5 calorie per serving drinks, so therefore is in their Bai5 line.

Ironically, I do not think there is any dragonfruit in their Sumatra Dragonfruit.

Bai’s base is the coffee fruit, grown in Indonesia, according to Bai, one gram of the coffee superfruit extract has the antioxidant power of 4,000 ORAC units.  This is why it is an antioxidant fruit drink.

The word “Bai” means “pure” and Bai’s philosophy is  pure energy, pure taste and pure goodness.

If you don’t like the taste of Nutrasweet, then I would suggest avoiding the Bai5 flavors as they reminded me of Nutrasweet, but I do love the ones that have more calories (of course, I do).  For me, Stevia tastes like Nutrasweet, although a totally different product.

Bai Sumatra Dragonfruit nutrition facts

Bai Sumatra Dragonfruit nutrition facts

The ingredients in Bai Sumatra Dragonfruit include:

  • Filtered water
  • erythritol
  • pomegranate juice concentrate
  • strawberry juice concentrate
  • natural flavors
  • citric acid
  • vegetable juices

Here are the other Bai Drinks that I have featured on the website:

Bai products can be purchased at a retail store near you.  Their SRP is $1.99 – $2.19. 

Here’s a video I took during the review process:

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