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Antioxidant Fruit Drinks

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Antioxidant fruit drinks can be found in a variety of shops and stores, but they can often be costly and may not contain the organic fruit or juices that you desire to live a healthy lifestyle.  That is why it may be a good idea to create your own fruit drinks at home.  Many organic fruits are available at a local farmers market or green grocer when in season.  Seasonal fruits can then be used to create beautiful, rich antioxidant fruit drinks that can be served as a sensible snack or as a treat during the day. These drinks can be enjoyed for breakfast or served at a backyard barbecue.

To make a rich antioxidant fruit drink simply make a smoothie.  Use soy milk and yogurt to keep it on the healthy side and add chunks of organic fruit, either dried or fresh, to add massive amounts of flavor.  Try apples with vanilla soy milk, plain yogurt, and even a few banana slices, blend well and serve.  For added color and the benefits of antioxidants, add a cherry.  The antioxidants in cherries are said to be good to improve cardiac health.  Add your smoothie to a chilled glass and sit back and enjoy on a warm summer day.

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