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Antioxidant Fruit Juice

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Village Winery and Vineyward Beverage and WineWith so many antioxidant fruit juices out there, it’s hard to know where to begin. While many of these drinks do contain antioxidants, they are nothing in comparison to certain juices with incredibly high antioxidant content.

So which juices are these and what makes antioxidants so important anyway? These are a couple of the questions we’ll look at in this article.

As the name of antioxidants suggests, these are molecules that stop oxidation. Oxidation is a process that can release free radicals, which can lead to chain reactions that damage and/or destroy cells.

So as you can see, eating foods or drinking juices with antioxidants in them can be extremely beneficial to your body’s health!

Types of Antioxidant Fruit Juices

One of the best antioxidant fruit juices out there comes from the Acai Berry. Drinking acai fruit juice is an easy and tasty way to get antioxidants into our system. This being said, you need to make sure the acai fruit juice you’re drinking hasn’t been loaded with additives or processed sugar.

The Acai Berry in particular is a fruit that loses its nutritional value within 24 hours of its harvesting. Because of this, it’s hard for many people to get Acai Berry that is still in its prime state. This is one reason why it’s best to go for the juice, which comes from the flash freeze dried form.

You also want to go for one that is advertised as being 100% juice. You don’t want to buy acai fruit juice that only contains a small percentage of juice and is made up mostly of high-fructose corn syrup. Talk about a waste of money!

Elderberry is another fruit juice worth looking into, as well as pomegranate juice. You can buy both pomegranate juice and Elderberry beverages online since it’s sometimes hard to find them in local grocery stores. Cherries and cherry juice are excellent antioxidants as well and can be much easier to find locally.

Many stores do carry powdered forms of these fruits (like maqui berry powder and superfruit blend but why go with that when you can order antioxidant fruit juice online, especially when the liquid is absorbed more readily into your system? It’s even worthwhile to look into making your own juices — a fun side project too!


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Tuesday 19th of January 2010

Not that i am seriously complaining or anything, but is it really necessary to have a naked lady holding the fruit juice??! I mean, she is very pretty and all, and the unstated implication of camera scrolling down is quiet a pleasing one, but perhaps, just perhaps, its also a "little" ludicrous :). Oh yeah.....decent article as well :)


Thursday 21st of January 2010

Rob, it might be. When this site first started we wanted a photo of someone healthy drinking juice. That was our goal. Without spending too much time searching through thousands of images, we went this that one. Hope you're okay with it!

Goji Yamamoto

Thursday 7th of January 2010

Hi, I just wanted to inform you I have subscribed to your RSS feeds because of your beautiful site layout (LOL). But truely, I think your website has one of the cleanest set up I have stumbled upon. It really makes your information easier to read.