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Antioxidant Fruits and Vegetables: Vital to our Health

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Fruit & vegetable basket“You are what you repeatedly do,” a great philosopher once said. Yet, we could say also that “we are what we repeatedly eat.” Our health is basically our most precious wealth, and thus we need to habitually eat healthy food. When you think about healthy food, experts would usually suggest that you eat fruits which contain antioxidants. What does an antioxidant do? Antioxidants basically prevent oxidation. Oxidation produces free radicals which wreak havoc to our body’s cells and are thus harmful to our health. For this reason, antioxidant fruits and vegetables which inhibit oxidation are highly sought after for health reasons. What are these fruits and vegetables?

High antioxidant fruits include prunes, raisins, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, plums, oranges and cherries.

Antioxidant-rich vegetables include kale, brussels sprouts, spinach, alfalfas sprouts, beets, broccoli flowers, red bell peppers, corn, onions, and eggplant.

Regularly eating antioxidants fruits and vegetables as dietary supplements because they have been found to cure cancer, coronary heart disease, and many other sicknesses. Nobody wants to get sick, and we all want to enjoy the fullness of life. It’s a good thing that nutrition experts are assiduously learning what food brings us the optimum health and what causes sickness. Now that we know what antioxidant rich fruits do to our health, it would be good to change our eating habits into a healthy antioxidant-rich diet. After all, our health is based on what we repeatedly eat.


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