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If you have been a loyal reader, then you might have noticed that the site was re-launched in January with a bit of a facelift.

After much debate, we decided to move the site from SBI to Wordpress and used Ninja Blog Setup to do it.

We wanted the site to be more interactive and engaging for our readers.  We also quite enjoy this platform as it allows for us to include a lot more options than we were able to do with SBI.

So with that said, we would love for our readers to start contributing.  If you like fruit, have a fruit company or just want to learn about fruit, we are accepting guest posts.  Please do contact us and clear your topic idea for the site before you submit it.

We are also accepting fruit recipes, fruit pictures, fruit farm directory listings, travel to fruit ideas, where to buy fruit ideas and much more.

The purpose of is to share information about fruit – it’s uses, availability and benefits.  Fruit is an amazing food – it looks cool, tastes great and supplies our bodies with fabulous nutrients and minerals.

Please contribute to this site in any way that you see fit!  We welcome all comments and suggestions!

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