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Antioxidant Fruits in Beauty Products

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Every woman hopes to look and feel their best as they age. Though diet and exercise go a long way toward making this happen, sometimes a little extra is needed to keep skin looking its best.  One way to make and keep skin looking fresh and young is through the use of antioxidant fruits in beauty products. Antioxidant products seem to have hit the skin care market with a vengeance and the sheer amount can become overwhelming, but by doing a little research and reading blogs such as this one, you can decide what antioxidant products will work best for you.

The Coffee Berry is one of the antioxidant fruits that is known to contain polyphenols which can help rid your body of wrinkles by absorbing free radicals caused by UV rays. This Coffee Berry i said to be up to three times more powerful then green tea and a small selection of skin care brands have created beauty products designed to incorporate Coffee Berry to visibly eliminate wrinkles and fine lines.

Many other fruits also contain antioxidants that will help skin, but if wrinkle and fine line diminishing is what you desire then the Coffee Berry or the lesser potent Green Tea is the direction to begin looking toward.

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