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Apple Picking Orchards

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Apple Picking OrchardsIf there’s one fruit that’s almost a staple in homes all over, it’s the apple. This is so because the apple is not only juicy and delicious, it has no fat, cholesterol or sodium but only has a small amount of potassium with every bite. It is also one of those fruits that you can transform into another delicious treat like jams, sauces, pies and cider.

In America, there are numerous pick your own fruit farms where you can find different varieties of apples. Depending on the location of the apple picking orchards, varieties like Arkansas Black, Bailey Sweet, Connell Red, Sweet Sixteen, Egremont Russet, Golden Delicious, London Apple, Maiden’s Blush, Northfield Beauty, Prairie Spy, Red Baron, Summer Rambo, Twenty Ounce and Zabergu Reinette.

Fruit picking farms also offer other activities. Yes, it’s not all just harvesting of apples. Some farms allow camping and hiking. Others give tours, rides on horses, mazes and free seminars on how to make cider or apple sauce.

Are you an avid apple picker? Which orchard do you love to visit? Share us your experience on Facebook or leave us a comment below.

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