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Apples and Alzheimer’s Disease

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Apples and Alzheimer's DiseaseApples and Alzheimer’s Disease

With Halloween just around the corner, bobbing for apples is a tradition you should look forward to. Aside from the fun of it, eating apples is healthy for you. This was the reason for the saying, “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.”

Apples came from Western Asia. The apple tree is one of the most popular farm trees around the world. It is probably the first tree ever to be cultivated. The fruit it yields pack a lot of nutrients like Vitamin C,  fiber, boron, phloridzin, pectin and flavonoids.

Filled with antioxidants and anti-viral qualities, it comes with no surprise that it can help treat Alzheimer’s disease. A test on mice concluded that drinking apple juice daily keeps brain aging at bay. It prevents Alzheimer’s disease and protects your brain cells from it.

There are many ways to take apples and incorporate it to your daily routine. One of the most common method would be to eat an apple during breakfast. Do you have any apple recipes to share? Leave us a comment below or join our discussion on Facebook.

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