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Are Fruit Snacks Healthy or Not?

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Are Fruit Snacks Healthy or Not?In general, if you have fruit as snacks, you are eating something nutritious and good for your health. However, fruit snacks is a term that pertains to processed fruit that has undergone different methods like air drying, vacuum frying, freeze drying or sun drying.

Some say they are good for you while others disagree. For those that think they are healthy snacks fruit, their reasons are based on how the product was manufactured and nutritional content.

For instance, freeze dried fruits may have lost water content but it retains the fruit’s nutrients stored on its skin, pulp or flesh. Most fruit product manufacturers also avoid additives to keep fruit snacks healthy with zero fat and low calorie count.

The opposing side argues that fruit snacks are much like candy, high on sugar and low on nutritional value. A friendly tip on choosing fruit snacks would be to avoid those that are shaped or molded with color added as part of its appeal.

You have that option to buy healthy fruit snacks online or you can also just buy real fruit and prepare them as snacks. The choice is yours.

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