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Aronia Berry and Cancer

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Aronia Berry and Cancer: Of numerous berry or other natural products tested, aronia berry continues to show exceptional activity in fighting cancer. Pilkington, Rooprai etc. all showed that aronia extracts introduced to highly malignant brain tumor lines slowed down regulation of MMP-9 activity and, when introduced, completely killed cancer cells within 24 hours. In independent studies at University of Maryland, Cornell and Purdue aronia showed remarkable apoptosis in various cancer cell lines.

Much attention is now being paid to the high content of anthocyanins in the aronia berry due to the research showing the strong link between anthocyanins and a number of healthy benefits, including antioxidant/anti-inflammatory activity, a demonstrably positive effect on brain function, and an extraordinary ability to fight certain cancer mechanisms.

The article, “Darker fruits could fight cancer“, discusses the findings of researchers at Ohio State Uantioxidant-fruits.comversity who found that darker fruits and berries could fight cancer.  The aronia berry or chokeberry is mentioned in the article, “[A]nthocyanin pigments obtained from black carrots and radishes slowed the growth of cancer cells by between 50 to 80%. But compounds from chokeberries for instance killed up to a fifth of existing cells, without impacting upon healthy ones.”

Anthocyaantioxidant-fruits.comn-Rich Extracts Inhibit Multiple Biomarkers of Colon Cancer in Rats” looks at the benefits of the aronia berry as well as other berries in the help of eliminating colon cancer.

Learn more about the Aronia Berry and its benefits, uses and availability:

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Saturday 10th of December 2011

I had experience with a better known fruit---lemons. I used the citric acid content in lemons (no sugar added) juiced in water, taken on empty stomach, to eliminate calcification in my major arteries. My symptoms were frightening at the start, after 3 weeks of 2x per day, I felt normal, I continued for 170 days. Now I juice 1 lemon per week. Caution--this will strip enamel off the teeth if left in mouth! For that reason it DOES eliminate arterial calcium! Drink fast, rinse 5x with plain water, enamel will escape damage.


Saturday 8th of January 2011

You can find the best aronia products ever @, they sell a great juice and also frozen berries.

Larry Turner

Tuesday 6th of July 2010

I am presently growing Aronia berries and will have a small crop this fall. Several growers in our area banded together and are having research done at one of the Iowa Universities. We are checking for antixidont content and other tests. One thing about the berry is it will loose it's healthn benefit when heated over 107 degrees. We are checking different products and hope to have information yet this fall. We will post information on our website. There is a lot of research available but we felt we needed that comfort with dealing with a local university. Larry Turner

Roslyn Ressler

Tuesday 6th of April 2010

I just found your web site. Do you sell anything? I am working on a wellness web site. May I link to yours and mention some of your information? Don't the ORAC scores change when the fruit is dried or made into juice? Who tested each fruit to determine the ORAC scores?

Thanks for your help. Roslyn


Tuesday 6th of April 2010

Roslyn, I do not sell anything on the site other than advertising to make sure the site stays online! Yes, of course, you can link to mine and mention some of the information - but please do not totally copy the articles - I have found that on other sites. No doubt the ORAC scores change when the fruit is dried or made into juice. The ORAC scores on the site are based on raw consumed fruit. I do not know who did the testing. I am not a college or institution. The site is merely an informational site. Thanks.