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Aronia Berry and Cancer

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Aronia Berry and Cancer: Of numerous berry or other natural products tested, aronia berry continues to show exceptional activity in fighting cancer. Pilkington, Rooprai etc. all showed that aronia extracts introduced to highly malignant brain tumor lines slowed down regulation of MMP-9 activity and, when introduced, completely killed cancer cells within 24 hours. In independent studies at University of Maryland, Cornell and Purdue aronia showed remarkable apoptosis in various cancer cell lines.

Much attention is now being paid to the high content of anthocyanins in the aronia berry due to the research showing the strong link between anthocyanins and a number of healthy benefits, including antioxidant/anti-inflammatory activity, a demonstrably positive effect on brain function, and an extraordinary ability to fight certain cancer mechanisms.

The article, “Darker fruits could fight cancer“, discusses the findings of researchers at Ohio State Uantioxidant-fruits.comversity who found that darker fruits and berries could fight cancer.  The aronia berry or chokeberry is mentioned in the article, “[A]nthocyanin pigments obtained from black carrots and radishes slowed the growth of cancer cells by between 50 to 80%. But compounds from chokeberries for instance killed up to a fifth of existing cells, without impacting upon healthy ones.”

Anthocyaantioxidant-fruits.comn-Rich Extracts Inhibit Multiple Biomarkers of Colon Cancer in Rats” looks at the benefits of the aronia berry as well as other berries in the help of eliminating colon cancer.

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