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Aronia Berry Benefits

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Aronia Berry BenefitsAronia Berry Benefits

The aronia berry is a fruit that has tremendous antioxidant qualities. It has high levels of pronanthocyanidins and anthocyanins. As a defense from free radicals, the aronia berry proves to be an effective warrior.

Also known as the chokeberry, it has antimutagenic effects and may inhibit colon cancer cells to multiply. It can also decrease the risk of heart disease and has hepatoprotective effects, too.

There have been studies made on how aronia berries affect people with diabetes. One study concluded that it can lower blood sugar and can be beneficial for people who want to prevent diabetes. It can also help people manage diabetes-associated conditions.

Another research study showed that drinking aronia berry fruit juice will not increase your blood sugar levels. An added benefit from having aronia berries included in your diet is that it can also improve your cholesterol and lipid levels.

Due to these findings, many people buy aronia berries to take advantage of their positive effects and also to enjoy their tart yet tasty flavor.

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