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Aronia Berry Juice May Delay Poor Memory In Aging

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chicago chokeberriesAroantioxidant-fruits.coma Berry Juice May Delay Poor Memory In Aging

As we age, numerous changes take effect on our bodies. Aside from thinning hair, sagging skin, or poor eyesight, one of the affected areas in our brain is our memory. You may have known the capitals of all the countries around the world at one point in your life or maybe even known by heart the table of elements but as you grow older, you notice that the occurrences of memory lapses becomes more frequent. Sometimes, even your vocabulary fails you.

However, there is good news! From the Annals of Neurology, came the results of a study that did research on on how high intake of flavonoid-rich berries by older women proved to delay cogantioxidant-fruits.comtive decline in them by 2.5 years.

Flavonoids used to be called Vitamin P.  Flavonoids have anthocyanidins that help in reducing the inevitable effect of aging on your brain. Although the study used blueberries and strawberries, aronia berry juice is also another berry that has loads of flavonoids. You may also opt to eat two or three servings of aronia berries every week.

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