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Aronia Plant Description – Black Chokeberry Plant

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Blazerfarmz - buy aronia berrySince there is literally no end to the long list of aronia berry uses, it’s easy to understand why you would want to buy the black chokeberry plant (or specifically the plant with the scientific name Aronia Melanocarpa). Make sure that you first have enough room for it because this deciduous shrub can get up to six feet high and six feet wide. Once it starts growing, it keeps at it and can get to a full size in about a year. This plant is simply beautiful. In the fall, you will see its dark green color turn to red. At the beginning of the spring, you’ll see little white flowers growing all over it and watch them turn into the dark-pigmented round choke berries.

Luckily, this plant can survive many different conditions. It has even been known to grow in swamp-like areas. The only thing it has a tough time handling is repeatedly hot and dry conditions. The aronia berry bush is very hardy and can handle transplantation with few problems. This plant can grow successfully in any season, but the best time to propagate soft cuttings is in late spring/early summer.

'Brilliantissima' Red Chokeberry - Aronia - Hardy - 4" Pot

One thing to keep in mind about aronia berries is that to reap their benefits, you will probably have to find a way to prepare them. Because of their astringent taste, it is hard to simply pick one from the plant and eat it. When you do pick them, aim to do it toward the end of August. You can reduce the berry’s astringent taste by waiting through a few falls before picking the berries. When preparing the berries in a jam or juice to be consumed, add a natural sweetener to make your lips pucker up less. If you opt for a juice extraction using steam, you can mix the choke berry juice with apple juice and avoid adding any more sugar.

You can order aronia berry bushes online:

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Black Squirrel Vineyard

Monday 22nd of April 2013

Nice article. We have been growing Certified Organic aronia berries since 2005 in Iowa and are enjoying sharing this "nutritional dense" food with others. It seems that it is the number one fruit being studied for medical value/benefits. Many health benefits are being told by users of this berry. Nice to see that your are sharing information about this native North American berry. Charlie