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Availability of Antioxidant Fruits

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Fruit in a Barcelona Market

As you probably know, there are certain times of year that fruits are available. Availability of Antioxidant Fruits has increased over the years due to the wonders of modern technology. Fruit orchards and the like can now grow some important Anitoxidant Fruits in a green house. There are those exceptions of course, like the Acai Berry again. The Acai Berry is harvested two or three times a year and requires the climate of the Amazon Rain Forest (not easily replicated). Learn more about the Acai Berry and it’s rare enviroment.

If you are in an area where these fruits are hard to come by, you can always find them in a juice form that is quick and efficient.

What Time of Year is Best for the Availability of Antioxidant Fruits?

What is the best time of year for the availability of your favorite Antioxidant Fruit? Sometimes is depends on where the product is produced or grown. For example, Apricots are available mid-February through mid-March from Chile. Mid-June through mid-July from California. And mid-July through mid-August from Washington.

Or let’s take the Kiwi Fruit, a native to China, but made famous by Kiwis (people from New Zealand). The Kiwi Fruit is available in California from October through May and then in New Zealand from May through September. Of course, many larger grocery stores have such a fruit available year-round, whereas some of the smaller stores in the United States, buy it locally or have it trucked from California and therefore are only able to offer it certain times a year. Like the pomegranate, for example, who blesses us with its presence in the grocery store in the fall every year.

Where in the World Can You Find Your Antioxidant Fruit Available?
Can You Travel There?

Fruit Boats in Thailand

Have you ever thought about traveling to a new place to find available antioxidant fruit? I have dedicated a section of this website to where you can go to pick your own fruit and eat it pretty much around the world. From places local to places abroad. Enjoy imagining of all the great places you can go to find great fruit, by visiting our Travel to Fruit page.

To learn more about the availability of antioxidant fruits, please feel free to check out


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