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Bare Fruit Apple Chips

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Bare Fruit apple crisps are 100% natural, orgaantioxidant-fruits.comc apple chips.  The name says it all as Bare Fruit apple chips have only one ingredient, organic apples.  The healthy snack product offers a sweet alternative to sugar filled snacks that typically line grocery shelves. These all natural crisps are so much better in taste and much better for personal overall health. While Bare Fruit apple crisps are a tasty treat at home or on the go, they are also very useful for other activities.

As many crafter’s know, fruit can make amazing centerpieces and be used for numerous craft activities. However using fresh fruit in an art project means the centerpiece can rot in a short amount of time and plastic or Styrofoam look, well, fake.  Dried fruit, however, is a crafter’s dream.  Apple crisps look absolutely beautiful once sprayed with lacquer and used as part of a display. These dried fruits can even be painted to add new and brighter colors.  The added bonus is that beautiful aroma that lingers on the fruit. On that note dried fruit, especially oranges and apples make great potpourri.  Mix these dried fruits in a bowl and add a cinnamon stick for a fall flavor filled home that is welcome and inviting.  If the fruit dries completely out, adding a drop or two of essential oils will renew the amazing scents. So utilize your dried fruits in new and fun ways.

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