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Bare Fruit Organic

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Bare Fruit Orgaantioxidant-fruits.comc is just as the name implies, bare organic fruit.  There are no extras in these fruit chips, just one hundred percent all natural fruit. The low in fat, high in fiber snack is naturally sweet.  Both you and your children will reach for this dried fruit healthy snack when a sweet tooth hits.

All natural dried fruit is a wonderful way to add flavor to many dishes. Sprinkling dried apples on top of ice cream or low fat yogurt adds flavor and sweetness to a create an extra favorite treat for all.  Creating banana pancakes with a package of dried Bare Fruit Organics is also as easy as adding them to the mix.  Add flair to your salad by throwing in some dried apricots or other dried fruits.  The recipes are as endless as your creativity in the kitchen. These special treats can get your children involved in cooking and have them eating healthier in no time.

Try mixing several different fruits with a few chocolate pieces as trail mix or adding granola for a substantial treat. An added breakfast bonus is to place dried fruit on top of hot oatmeal, especially on cold winter morning.  Make your kids feel extra special with these added touches and keep them as healthy eaters for years to come.

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