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Beat Diabetes with Aronia

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Beat Diabetes with AroniaBeat Diabetes with Aronia

It takes a lot for healthy people to stay healthy and fit. Do you know that as of 2007, there are 23.6 million people diagnosed with diabetes in the United States? There are about 1.6 million people that get diagnosed of diabetes from ages 20 years old and above. Aside from exercise, eating fruits like the aronia berry which is full of phytonutrients and antioxidants can round up a healthy diet to match your exercise regimen and lower the risk of diabetes.

The aronia arbutifolia erecta is a berry that grows wild in North America. It is a great source of nutrients and compounds which can stabilize your blood sugar levels and even protect your liver cells from damage caused by free radicals and toxic materials in your body.

This red and sweet berry also decreases the incident of inflammatory responses which can happen when your immune system is compromised. Another benefit of aronia is to lower the risk of heart attacks and other cardiovascular conditions.

When you buy aronia, you should choose the freshly picked ones that can give you more antioxidant content needed in your diet. Have you tried this wonderful chokeberry? Do you know where to get the best ones? Feel free to comment and share with us.

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