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Beauty Products with Antioxidant Fruits

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Walking through the make-up aisle at a drugstore or local chain store can be overwhelming for even the seasoned shopper.  Make-up is by definition meant to alter and improve the appearance, so choosing the right one is important. Some make-up products simply cover and hide flaws, but there are beauty products that can begin to reverse the signs of aging by adding antioxidant products.

Acai, Blueberry, Coffee Berry, and Pomegranate are just a few of the fruits with antioxidants that can be fund on cosmetics shelves everywhere.  Coffee Berry is said to be more potent then Green Tea and minimize and reverse fine lines or wrinkles. Pomegranate, though also healthy to eat, have oil that is easily absorbed into the skin and can deliver an improved skin tone and help to prevent premature aging. Pomegranates also contain essential vitamins and a human compatible form of a hormone to keep things balanced in men and women.

The Acai Berry though originally hitting the market as a weight loss supplement has made it into the cosmetics world and is said to improve skin tone and aid in the prevention of premature aging. So no matter what antioxidant fruits seem to have made their way into your cosmetics choice they appear to have beneficial qualities.

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