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Belvoir Fruit Farms

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Belvoir Fruit Farms“Naturally Delicious, 100% Good” is what Belvoir Fruit Farms are all about. Founded on cordials made from elderflowers and fruits from the farm, Belvoir grew into the business of pressing, crushing and juicing fruits.

Aimed to be nutritious and tasty, Belvoir Fruit Farm products do not contain any preservatives or artificial flavors. Everything is 100% natural. Their fruit crush drinks come in bottles that house real fruit drinks in flavors of apple, blueberry, blackcurrant, pear, raspberry and elderflower.

The presses are said to be a treat to quench your thirst. They offer apple, melon, raspberry lemonade, pomegranate, lime and lemongrass, Elderflower, cranberry, pear, orange, jasmine and a summer cooler with geranium blossom. All of them are pressed with Belvoir’s sparkling spring water. Organic fruit flavors are also available as well as an organic ginger beer.

Cordials is where it all began for Belvoir Fruit Farms. There are 14 mixes you can choose from. Using only fresh fruits and spices, the Belvoir cordials aim to have the right flavor just for anybody.

Have you tried tasting elderflower juice? Or any of the Belvoir Fruit Farms drinks? What’s your opinion about it? Leave us a comment below or join our discussion on Facebook.

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