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Benefits and Uses of Fruits Such as the Tropical Tamarind

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Tamarind podsOften times you hear only about tropical treats and the benefits and uses of fruits. However, this is not really one of the types of fruits at all but a tropical treat of the legume family.

Tamarind is from the tropical areas of Africa although it was later introduced to Mexico. The “fruit” of the plant is basically a large, edible pod. Many describe it as being sweet and sour. It is most often blended into sweeter items to give them a tropical tang.

It is cooked into a great many dishes from jams and chutneys to stir frys and curries. Due to it’s sweet and sour taste it can be used in both desserts and main dishes.  It is one of the ingredients in Worcestershire sauce. It can also be dried and ground into a powder to be used as a spice.

It should not be excluded when considering the beneficial properties of individual fruits. Studies have shown the tamarind to have antimicrobial properties and it is used as a medicine to treat a range of illnesses from fever to blood disorders. It has been shown to help the body extract fluoride and lower blood sugar levels. Most often it is used to treat diarrhea and cramping.

Tamarind is high in B Vitamins and Calcium.

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