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Benefits Of The Asian Pear

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Asian pears

Asian pears

The benefits of Asian pear health wise and nutrition wise are plenty as it is considered one of the better antioxidant fruits.  Asian pears are relatives to your common pears seen in grocery stores. However, this kind of fruit is similar to an apple and it has many names which reflect its characteristics. Other similar names given to Asian pear are Nashi pear, Chinese pear, sand and Japanese pear, and apple pear. This antioxidant fruit is a very nutritious and healthy fruit which is set to be eaten from the tree and supermarket shelves. Most commonly named as Nashi pear as well, its production in US alone reaches up to 55 until 60% and is freshly marketed as fresh as it is from the plantation. The rest of it is processed and made in canned fruits. However, those preferring sharpness for the fruit appreciates Asian pears fresh flavor.

Other major benefits of Asian pear which most of the people enjoy are the following:

  • Very good source of fiber, and resembles apple, as they can also be called as apple-pears.
  • In every pear eaten, you get a hold of 8% from your daily requirement of vitamin C.
  • Only contains 50 calories, none coming from fats.
  • Superior source of vitamin B2 and potassium.
  • Since this antioxidant fruit have high water content, it is recommended to harvest the fruit with the most aroma and few bruises for you to get most of the Asian pear.
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