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Best Antioxidants Supplements: Nature’s Daily Defense – Product Feature and Interview with Founder!

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Antioxidant Supplement Nature's Daily Defense

Antioxidant Supplement Nature's Daily Defense

We were sent a sample of Nature’s Daily Defense, which is an antioxidant supplement that comes in pill form.  Thank you to Nature’s Daily Defense for sending us a sample.

We all know how important antioxidants are to cellular damage, heart disease, diabetes, premature aging, weight loss, and more.  So, getting even more packed into your day is a great thing.

Some of the powerful antioxidants found in this antioxidant supplement are those from pomegranate, acai berry and from green tea.

Antioxidant Supplement Nature's Daily Defense

Antioxidant Supplement Nature's Daily Defense

Nature’s Daily Defense Nutrition Facts

Nature’s Daily Defense Nutrition Facts

Although in the YouTube video below, I say we’re going to take them for a month and let you know, the truth is that when you’re young and healthy you don’t really feel a big difference – although you know it’s good for you and doing great things for your body.  I think doing medical testing before we started taking them and then doing another series of medical testing afterwards would have provided more insight than just going on how we feel. Nonetheless, I am excited about this product and the punch of power it packs.

You can buy Nature’s Daily Defense online through their website for $34.99. Receive 15% off your purchase of Nature’s Daily Defense starting November 25, 2011 through December 25, 2011 by using coupon code: fruit15

Please be aware that Nature’s Daily Defense says on their website, “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”

Wanna try out Nature’s Daily Defense?

Get 15% off your purchase of Nature’s Daily Defense starting November 25, 2011 through December 25, 2011 by using coupon code: fruit15

Interview with John Russo, Founder of Nature’s Daily Defense

1. What inspired the making of Nature’s Daily Defense?

In short, as a person who’s passionate about health and nutrition, I felt there was a void in the marketplace.  Most supplements are made to maximize revenue or to capitalize on marketing,  I wanted something for the consumer.  I wanted supplements that put the consumer’s health and best interests above all else.  That was my goal in creating Nature’s Daily Defense.  If we can’t make a supplement better than anything else on the market, we won’t! It’s that simple.

2. Do you think that Nature’s Daily Defense is the best antioxidant supplement out there?

Absolutely.  There is not a single antioxidant supplement on the market that offers everything that Max Antioxidant does.  That’s why we designed it.  You would have to buy a dozen different supplements to get the same nutrition as Max Antioxidant.  Not only would that be very cost prohibitive, it’s inconveantioxidant-fruits.coment and confusing.  In addition, the common misconception that most people have, is that more is better.  Other supplement companies capitalize on this and offer supplements with large dosages of ingredients.  This is what I meant, in the first question, about companies capitalizing on the marketing.  Overdosing on supplements can be very detrimental to your health.  We created Max Antioxidant to have the optimal dosage for safe, long term use.

3. Can Nature’s Daily Defense replace your daily vitamin or is it in addition to?

Max Antioxidant was created to compliment a daily multivitamin.

4. Have there been any tests done on Nature’s Daily Defense and how it helps?

Max Antioxidant was engineered based on information gathered from many clinical trials on the listed ingredients.  We took research from all over the world and combined only the best and safest ingredients to take the guesswork out of nutritional therapy.

5. Do you take it?  If you do, do you follow the guidelines on the bottle – 2 pills/day?

Of course!  I created Max Antioxidant specifically because it was a supplement that I wanted to take.  Yes, I take 2 capsules daily.

6. Is there any reason to take additional Nature’s Daily Defense pills if you have a cold?  This question is coming from the mindset of how you are supposed to take more Vitamin C when you feel a cold or sore throat coming on.

No,  the product should only be taken as directed.  Improper use will not improve results and is potentially hazardous to a person’s health.

7. Where all can I buy Nature’s Daily Defense?  Is it in pharmacies like CVS, Walgreens, etc.?  Or is it only online?

Currently,  Max Antioxidant is only available online at or on  We do have retail relationships in the works, and going forward there may be additional options.

8. Is Nature’s Daily Defense organic?  Where do the antioxidants in Nature’s Daily Defense come from?

No, Max Antioxidant has not been certified organic.  The antioxidants come from plants and their natural sources.  Ex. Reishi mushroom powder from Reishi mushrooms.

9. Do you have plans for future products?  Is there a way for us to be notified when a new product is released?

Yes, we do have many future products planned out.  I would urge all who are interested to join Nature’s Daily Defense’s mailing list, and follow us on Facebook or Twitter for updates, news and promotions.

10. Do you think Nature’s Daily Defense is unique to the supplement market?  Why or why not?

As I mentioned earlier, Max Antioxidant is absolutely unique to the market.  Each capsule contains nineteen of nature’s most potent natural antioxidant sources including acai berry, resveratrol and glutathione. All in easy-to-take supplement capsules that pack the proven antioxidant power recommended by leading nutritionists. So it’s no longer necessary to purchase premium ingredients separately.  Cost savings, convenience, and peace of mind, backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee; it’s an unbeatable offer.

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