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Best Fruit Blogs

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Do you like blogs that talk about antioxidant fruit?  Below are 7 must-visit fruit blogs:

1. City Fruit blog –

The City Fruit blog is about an organization based in Seattle, Washington area that was formed in 2008. The goal of City Fruit was to bring the community closer with a holistic model that centers on growing fruit, sharing the harvest and training.

2. The Fruit Blog –

This blog is about breeding fruits and other fruit-related topics. From news to personal experience, the Evil Fruit Lord gives his two cents on fruity topics and encourages its readers to do the same.

3. The Queen of Tarts –

This blog is sponsored by the Oregon Fruit Company.  It includes Healthy eating tips, How To Videos, recipes and more!

4. Fruit Species –

This blog focuses on fruit that is common and also rare and exotic fruit throughout the world.

5. Fresh Fruit Daily –

Fresh Fruit Daily features a number of things fruit related: recipes, muffins, fondue, pie, pizza, salsa, and more!

6. The Fruit Company –

This is the official blog of The Fruit Company, which is a company that does fresh fruit baskets and more.  These folks really know fruit!

7. Nuts About Fruit –

This blog sponsored by Frieda’s Inc is all about exotic, specialty and tropical fruit.

What fruit blogs do you follow?

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