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Bioavailability and Antioxidants

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Bioavailability and AntioxidantsBioavailability and Antioxidants

We all need antioxidants in our system. They help in limiting the impact of free radicals in our body and thus promote better health. The risk for Parkinson’s disease, cancer and heart problems are lower when we have fruits like berries as part of our menu.

As doctors and scientists had found, antioxidants actively fight off free radicals which can bring Alzheimer’s disease and many other ailments. Inclusion of antioxidant fruits and vegetables is a must to build up your immune system.

However, as odd as it may sound, just like with medicines, how your body reacts to new vitamins and minerals is called bioavailability. This is on how your body can absorb the nutrients from each food you eat. Many fruits have high antioxidant content but your body does not get to maximize it. Some fruits needed to be steamed while others must be chopped and mixed with other vegetables to let the nutrients seep into your system. For instance, the bioavailability of lycopene and beta-carotene is improved when the fruit or vegetable undergoes homogeantioxidant-fruits.comzation and heat treatment.

Due to this, eating one type of fruit alone is not a good idea. Mixing up different fruits and vegetables increases the bioavailability of your body with the antioxidants and other nutrients you get from them. Let us know what you think of this or join us on Facebook.

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