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Black Plum Fruit Benefits

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Black Plum Fruit BenefitsBlack Plum Fruit Benefits

The Black Plum known as Syzygium is originally from Burma. It is popularly called Lomboi, Duhat or just Lomboy in many parts of Southeast Asia. The black plum is a fruit bearing tree that grows up to 8 to 20 meters in height. The fruit groups itself in clusters like grapes and other berries. It is thin green while immature and as it ripens turns to a thick olive-size deep purple black cluster of fruits.

The black plum is a natural source of antioxidant properties derived from consumption of its skin and flesh. Such properties are Vitamin C, phenolics, tannins and anthocyanins could be found in each fruit.

Usually consumed with rock salt or sugar due to its acidic sweet and sour taste, the black plum is used as an astringent and to treat mouth ulcers. It is also used to help the blood sugar levels of diabetic patients as well as those suffering from diarrhea, stomach flu and gastro-intestinal problems.

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