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Blueberry Farms

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With Spring around the corner – I cannot help but think of all the juicy goodness of fruit that is coming our way – therefore there will be more posts about fruit farms in the coming weeks.

Blueberry FarmsFor a healthier you, antioxidants have become a must in your daily intake of food. Becoming health conscious has reached its maturity level and there have been a lot of “add-ons” and innovative ideas that makes it all fun, pleasurable, healthy and beneficial. Among the fruits and vegetables, blueberries are among the top fruits with amazing ORAC and antioxidant value. This is the reason why blueberry farms have been a favorite venue by families.

Blueberries are easy to cultivate, prepare and serve. It is easy because peeling, pitting, coring or cutting is not required. Blueberry pick your own fruit farms also came out with fun activities like letting you harvest the blueberries and pay only for ones you picked. Some fruit picking farms are now into giving direction to clients on how to pick, prepare and serve with delicious recipes, and canning techniques.

A cup of blueberries can be eaten as is, or mixed with yogurt, salads and more. As it is rich in Vitamin A, C, Niacin, dietary fiber and iron, people of all ages can reap the healthy rewards of blueberries.

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