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Blueberries on Vine


Before the acai berry, the blueberry was touted as having very high antioxidant values when compared to other fresh fruits and vegetables. Now, this berry is still up there, but not in comparison to the acai berry as far as the ORAC Value is concerned. The anthocyanins in the berries are the chemicals responsible for its antioxidant and anti-inflamatory properties.

Some nutritional benefits are:

It can help with:

  •  Heart Disease
  • Memory Loss
  • Urinary Tract Infections

In June 2006, Pharmacology and Biochemical Behavoir published a study which showed that diet supplementation with blueberries improved performance on memory tasks in mice. Also, the berry’s polyphenols help give it a protective effect on DNA damage.

How it fights cancer

Thinking about cooking with them? You can always check out my Fruit Recipe Page to find unique recipes of specific fruits found on this site.

There is also a great site that offers recipes on pancakes: blueberry pancake recipe, there are also recipes for muffins and pie.

Berries in Prague

Look at these berries in a Prague market! YUM! Thank you to Karin Eriksson for letting us post this! Please visit her site to see more wonderful photos:

Do you have a fun story or a fun fact about blueberries?  If so, go ahead and leave a comment about them below.

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wild edible fruits and herbs are also the rich sources of phenolic contents (flavonoids, tannins, phenolic acids etc.)