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Breadfruit, Source for Fiber

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Breadfruit, Source for FiberBreadfruit, Source for Fiber

In our daily cuisine, dietary fiber is one of the very basic important natural supplements that our body needs. Dietary fiber promotes an effective digestive system and guarantees the disposal of body waste. It enhances the digestive functions particularly that of the colon and eliminates constipation and stomach cramping.

The breadfruit is available all year round and also has omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, good for health.. These fatty acids also enhances your skin, nails, hair and bones. It also helps regulate your metabolism and reproductive system.

A relative to the breadnut and the jackfruit, the breadfruit grows almost in all parts of the Southeast Asian tropical regions and most of the Pacific Islands. It has the size of a grapefruit and could be cut and divided into achenes amid the thick pulp-like flesh perianth growing from within the rind.

Breadfruits contain 70% water and 25% carbohydrates with enough Vitamin C, Potassium, Zinc and Thiamin. It is power-packed with dietary fiber. Also a good source of energy, the breadfruit lowers cholesterol, prevents heart disease and regulates your digestion.

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