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Brothers-ALL-Natural Fuji Apple Crisps – Review by

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Brothers-ALL-Natural Fuji Apple Crisps

Brothers-ALL-Natural Fuji Apple Crisps

Up for review today are the Brothers-ALL-Natural Fuji Apple Crisps.  Thank you to Brothers-ALL-Natural for sending us these to review.

They are real sliced Fuji Apple slices that have been freeze dried.  Being freeze dried, gives them a 1-year shelf life and best of all, they do not need to be refrigerated, so they will not take up extra room in your fridge.

These are just fruit, so you’ll love that they are only 40 calories per serving.

You’ll love that they are:

  • peanut free
  • gluten free
  • soy free
  • diary free
  • vegan
  • kosher

They have no preservatives.

I loved these!  They were quite tasty!

So the all natural snacks are great for something to put in your desk at work or leave in your car for the kids’ for snacks after school, for example.

You can buy these fresh fuji apples snacks on Brothers ALL Natural’s website.

You can also socialize with Brothers-ALL-Natural on Facebook and Twitter.

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