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Carandale Farm

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Carandale FarmLocated at 5683 Lincoln Rd., Oregon, Wisconsin, USA, the Carandale Farm was once a dairy farm that somehow evolved to become one of the oldest fruit picking farms in Dane County. The crops offered by this farm are strawberries, raspberries and Concord Grapes. Previously, there were apples but in 2008, Carandale Farm decided to phase out apple production to manage climate change and sustainable crop growth.

You pick strawberries continue to be the farm’s main attraction. The harvesting activity begins in the middle of June and ends by middle of October, in time for the Concord Grape harvest.

Other fruits from the Carandale Farm are cherries, plums and pears. Aronia, ederberry, sea berry and European black currant are also offered because they were among the fruit crops identified to have commercial value for the region through non-traditional research done by Carandale Farm. Methods like test plots, drip irrigation system and netting and support system were implemented.

For more information on the picking schedule, you may call them at (608) 835-3979.

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