Cardiovascular Health Wolfberry



The wolfberry’s nutritional value is amazing, including cardiovascular health wolfberry.  The wolfberry is a woody perennial plant that is grown in south China.  While it is difficult to find fresh examples of wolfberry outside of south China, dry berries are often used as additives in rice, pork and chicken dishes.  The berry can also be brewed into herbal teas and is also used this way.  The berries resemble raisins in their size, shape and texture but have a nutty flavor.

The health benefits of the wolfberry have been noted since earlier in the decade.  The berries have become known as one of the super fruits.  In fresh form, the wolfberry has one of the highest concentrations of Vitamin C known in a fruit.  The dried berries are compatible, Vitamin C wise, to strawberries or various Citrus.  The wolfberry is also known for the high content of nutrients and phytochemicals.  It has at least 11 essential minerals, 22 trace minerals, 7 vitamins and 18 amino acids.

The wolfberry is most commonly marketed at goji berry.  Goji berries have been used by Chinese herbalists for well over 6,000 years.  The benefits of the goji berry include helping produce growth hormones, improve eyesight, boosts the immune system and improves liver function.  They also contain high levels of carotenoids like beta-carotene and zeaxanthin.  The latter has been known as being useful in prevention of glaucoma and degenerative eye disorders.    As far as cardiovascular health wolfberry has been studied as an effective supplement that can lower cholesterol and improve circulation.

As with all supplements it is important to talk with your doctor.  Not all supplements are for everyone.  While there are huge health benefits, the wolfberry can have a harmful interaction with Warfin, a blood thinner or diabetic or blood pressure medications.  Some people that have pollen allergies can also have problems with the wolfberry.  It is also important to use moderation when using any supplement.  Too much of a good thing can indeed be too much.

Have you used the wolfberry?  Have you seen benefits from it?  If so, what were they?  Please share them with us by leaving a comment about them.