Whittier Fruit Farm

Whittier Fruit FarmWhittier Fruit Farm

The Whittier Fruit Farm began its operations in 1974 as a pick your own fruit farm with apples as its main fruit. During fall, the farm opens to accommodate families ready to start filling their baskets with apples.

The fruit farm eventually branched out to grow pumpkins, apricots, raspberries, sweet cherries and a few variety of plums. The Russell family also opened a store inside the farm, storing ice cream and fruit for sale.

Located at 219 Whittier Road Rochester, New York, USA, the Whittier fruit farm welcomes school tours to help educate children about farming and agriculture in a fun way. It also aims to inculcate the love for eating healthy food (fruits and vegetables).

As for picking your own fruit, Whittier farm lets you choose among different apple varieties, doughnut peaches and sweet cherries. Pumpkin picking is also available when in season. As for blueberries, a different pick your own fruit farm (Russell’s U-Pick Blueberries) is located at Lake Ontario, Niagara County near the Somerset power plant.

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Sweetberry Farm

Sweetberry Farm

Sweetberry FarmSweetberry Farm is located at 1801 FM 1980 Marble Falls, Texas, USA. This fruit farm offers a variety of activities for the whole family to enjoy.

There’s the express barrel train ride, pick your own flowers, horse rides and stuff your own scarecrow. You can also bring your scarecrow buddy back home. For art lovers, there’s pumpkin painting (you can bring home the pumpkin as a memento), face painting and sand art.

As a pick your own fruit farm, Sweetberry Farm offers you pick strawberries, blackberries, tomatoes, onions, potatoes, pumpkins and gourds. There’s also a scarecrow island, kids maze and the Texas maze (the maze is shaped like the state).

The farm welcomes group field trips but you need to call ahead for reservations. No pets are allowed on the farm but there’s a petting zoo that you can visit.

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Schultz Fruitridge Farms

Schultz Fruitridge Farms Schultz Fruitridge Farms

Schultz Fruitridge Farms, Inc. located at 60139 County Road 652, Mattawan, West Michigan, USA has been in the Schultz family for three generations. “Pick the Best” is the Schultz Fruitridge Farms’ tagline and the family strives to give its visitors just that.

The family operated one of the fruit picking farms in the area that lets you pick out fruit like apples, blueberries, cherries, grapes, pears, peaches and more. There are 20 apple varieties to choose from that are sold per bushel, 1/2 bushel, peck and 1/2 peck. The same measurement goes for peaches.

The Schultz family also herds bison at the Gravel Canyon Bison Ranch. High in protein and low in fat, bison is dubbed as “original health food”. The bison are managed without the help of any antibiotics or growth hormones.

This pick your own fruit farm also offers other products like honey, fruit jams, fruit butters and maple syrup. There are also apple cider as well as donuts from the new Donut Depot.

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U Pick Farms

U Pick Farms

U Pick FarmsU Pick Farms are places where you and your family can enjoy a fruit-picking activity that’s both fun and nutritious. For an entrance fee, you can bring your family to harvest the farm’s produce all on your own. The produce for pick your farms vary. Some produce can be vegetables like cabbages, asparagus, lima beans, peppers, squash and spinach. Other produce are fruits like strawberries, plums, grapes, peaches, cherries and apples.

Pick your own fruit farms are most popular among children. This is due to the fact that while harvesting the their fruits of choice, they also get to eat them right there and then. Unlike vegetables which often need to be cooked, fruit are more appealing due to their read to eat quality.

Fruit picking farms can be found all over the US. You can check for a list of nearby U pick farms in your area for the harvest schedule, list of activities you can join and tours or packages you can avail.

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Blueberry Farms

With Spring around the corner – I cannot help but think of all the juicy goodness of fruit that is coming our way – therefore there will be more posts about fruit farms in the coming weeks.

Blueberry FarmsFor a healthier you, antioxidants have become a must in your daily intake of food. Becoming health conscious has reached its maturity level and there have been a lot of “add-ons” and innovative ideas that makes it all fun, pleasurable, healthy and beneficial. Among the fruits and vegetables, blueberries are among the top fruits with amazing ORAC and antioxidant value. This is the reason why blueberry farms have been a favorite venue by families.

Blueberries are easy to cultivate, prepare and serve. It is easy because peeling, pitting, coring or cutting is not required. Blueberry pick your own fruit farms also came out with fun activities like letting you harvest the blueberries and pay only for ones you picked. Some fruit picking farms are now into giving direction to clients on how to pick, prepare and serve with delicious recipes, and canning techniques.

A cup of blueberries can be eaten as is, or mixed with yogurt, salads and more. As it is rich in Vitamin A, C, Niacin, dietary fiber and iron, people of all ages can reap the healthy rewards of blueberries.

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MacQueen Orchards

MacQueen OrchardsYou can find MacQueen Orchards at 7605 Garden Road (Gunn Road & Garden Road), Holland, Ohio, USA. This is a place where you can join its annual Apple Butter Stir Festival and experience arts and crafts shows, apple pie contest, lots of live entertainment and activities for the whole family.

This fruit picking farm lets you pick your own apples during the festival and from September 20th to 3rd week of October. You can choose from apple varieties like Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Ida Red, Granny Smith and Jonathan.

The Farm Market at MacQueen Orchards offers freshly baked goodies like peach and cherry pies, coffee cakes, cookies, pumpkin bread, sugar and frosted donuts, apple dumplings and more. There are also freshly picked vegetables like sweet corn, potatoes, cabbages, cucumbers and more.

Educational tours are also offered by MAcQueen Orchards. The tour consists of walking through the orchard where you pick apples, a tour in the packing area and inside the cider mill.

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