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Where to Buy Acai

Anyone doing research on recent health trends has likely heard of the acai berry and its amazing health benefits due to high antioxidants and amino acids. This berry has been hailed as the new superfruit and marketed towards dieters across the globe. What these sources sometimes fail to mention is that acai berry products actually taste good!

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Mangosteen Fruit Benefits

Mangosteen juice, mangosteen powder, and mangosteen capsules – these are a few of the all-natural fruit products that are taking advantage of the mangosteen superfruit. The health benefits from mangosteen have caught public attention, and now all elements of the fruit are being harvested as a nutritional supplement.

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Health Benefits of Mangosteen

The health benefits of mangosteen are extensive with a long list of potential uses. Mangosteen is being called a superfruit – in fact, the queen of superfruit – because of the antioxidants in both the rind and fruit that fight free radicals. Mangosteen can be taken internally as a juice, powder, or capsule; eaten raw; or ground up and applied externally to the skin to treat inflamed joints.

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