Apple Picking Orchards

Apple Picking OrchardsIf there’s one fruit that’s almost a staple in homes all over, it’s the apple. This is so because the apple is not only juicy and delicious, it has no fat, cholesterol or sodium but only has a small amount of potassium with every bite. It is also one of those fruits that you can transform into another delicious treat like jams, sauces, pies and cider.

In America, there are numerous pick your own fruit farms where you can find different varieties of apples. Depending on the location of the apple picking orchards, varieties like Arkansas Black, Bailey Sweet, Connell Red, Sweet Sixteen, Egremont Russet, Golden Delicious, London Apple, Maiden’s Blush, Northfield Beauty, Prairie Spy, Red Baron, Summer Rambo, Twenty Ounce and Zabergu Reinette.

Fruit picking farms also offer other activities. Yes, it’s not all just harvesting of apples. Some farms allow camping and hiking. Others give tours, rides on horses, mazes and free seminars on how to make cider or apple sauce.

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Apple Picking Farms

Apple Picking FarmsFamily outings are almost always much more anticipated when you drive up somewhere with your family. This is why apple picking farms make that list of places to go for family affairs. You need to travel a bit to get where they are and they offer a wide variety of activities that you and your family can enjoy.

Aside from its obvious description where u pick apples, these farms is also a hub of learantioxidant-fruits.comng. Apples can come in different forms and as a healthy snack, it contains vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and fiber. If you want to lose weight, an apple diet can help you shed pounds off your body. Healthy eating plans include eating 3 or 5 apples a day and mixing it up with vegetables, carbohydrates, protein, fats and sweets.

The popularity of fruit picking farms is also based on its flexibility on harvesting, packing and other fruit-related tasks. Children of different ages can go about picking apples (with guidance from parents or guardians) and can also join other treats like petting farm animals and watching how apple cider is made and more.

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Weiser Farms

Weiser Family FarmsFounded in 1977 by Sidney Weiser with wife Racquel and with branches in California, USA at the Lucerne Valley, Tehachapi and Greater Bakersfield area,  Weiser Family Farms specialize in providing quality fruit crops and vegetables all year. A family-run fruit farm, children Dan, Esther and Alex also joined in managing the farm. Weiser Family Farms began its operations of growing fruit trees like pears, apples and peaches. Eventually, it grew to include flowers and vegetables.

Catering to different restaurants in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, San Diego, Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Napa Valley, Weiser Family Farms supplies fruits and vegetables to top chefs and star-quality establishments. Aside from fruit like the Cavaillon melons (a french breakfast melon), it offers a variety of potatoes (purple, heirloom mix, banana fingerlings, purple pruvians, Ozette fingerlings, red thumbs fingerlings, french fingerlings, ruby crecent and La Ratte fingerlings), carrots (yellow, Nantes, purple haze, white and purple rain), beets (Chiogga, golden, and red) and more. Some notable vegetables are the Romanesco Cauliflower, Red Carrots (that are pink inside), Jerusalem Artichokes and Butternut Squash.

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Fruit Farms in California

Fruit Farms in CaliforniaFamilies almost always run fruit farms in California. It seems that they imbibe the true spirit that reigns over farming. Solidarity, sharing and fun. It’s almost a guarantee that every fruit farm has several activities lined up for its visitors to ensure that their visit will be unforgettable and will make them come back for more.

U pick farms are one of those fruit farms where you can go out and harvest fresh fruits to your liking. This kind of activity is also coupled with other fun things to do on a fruit farm like mazes, trail rides, petting zoos and even wine tasting.

There are many fruit picking farms in the state known as the “Golden State”. These fruit farms carry a variety of fruit like apples, nectarines, raspberries, citrus, peaches, pears, avocados, apricots, strawberries, watermelons, cherries and more. Aside from the fruit, you can also pick up apple cider, fruit sauces, fruit jams and pies.

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The Abbott Farms – Then and Now – South Carolina

The Abbott Farms-Then and NowAbbott Farms has been around since 1955. Founded by Myrtle Abbott, the business began with a simple fruit stand on the road now known to be I-85 in Spartanburg County, South Carolina. From that lowly fruit stand which sells peaches, Abbott Farms grew to cater to not only the Spartanburg county but also the Cherokee counties. Soon enough, word spread of its quality fruits and delicious taste. The Abbotts now operate five fruit markets which sell peaches, watermelons, peanuts and cantaloupes. Aside from them, Abbott Farms also sell jams, jellies, honey, hot sauces, pickles and salsa.

However, what makes people keep going back at Abbott Farms are its fruit ciders. Full of tasty goodness and nutritional antioxidant value, the flavors are peach, strawberry, muscadine, blackberry, supernong and many more. You can avail all of these at all Abbott Farms fruit markets or you can contact them for delivery at 800-764-0076. You can also purchase the goods online through their website.

More than fruits, Abbott Farms also ventured into fireworks and other food items like gift boxes and specialty items. The best-sellers are still peaches, Abbott Farms’ main produce which is available from middle of May to middle of September.

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The Abbott Farms – New York

abbott farms ny

Abbott Farms may have begun as a family farm but it was grandson Windsor Abbott who turned it into a profitable gain crop combined with a U-picking operation during fall. With this vision, he created a venue where farming, marketing and social engagement came together and worked as one.

The 126 acres of farm land has been put to good use by the Abbotts. The Abbott Farms now open their gates to welcome families from all over and let them experience the wonder of farming. The Abbott Farms feature several activities such as the Abbott’s Ark (a petting zoo of sorts for barnyard animals), the Fish Pond, the Corn Maze (this can be done also at night with flashlights), the Cider Press (you can watch how apple cider is made with the use of ultraviolet treatment process), U-pick (you pay for what fruit you pick on the farm) and the Fall Festivals.

Located in 3275 Cold Springs Road, Bladwinsville, New York, the Abbott Farms is a proud member of Pride of NY, which supports local farm businesses, agriculture and promotes fruits and vegetables.

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