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Celebrate National Drinking Straw Day with Glass Dharma

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Navitas Naturals Smoothment Strawberry Smoothie with Glass Dharma Straw

In 1888 Marvin Stone came up with the very first drinking straw when he used a pencil and wrapped a piece of paper around it. He patented it on January 3rd, and that is why it is recognized as National Drinking Straw Day.

In recent years drinking straws have gotten a bad rep. People worry about the sheer number of plastics being dumped in the landfills. There is also concern over the safety of plastics coming into contact with food such as antioxidant rich fruits. To top that off, food sticks to plastic straws and gets stuck on the sides causing a film to grow inside longer term use straws like the ones attached to sippy cups.

This is where glass and metal drinking straws come in. They last a long time, and there is no danger of leeching plastic chemicals. Of the two, glass is often preferred by many because you can see if it is dirty and it does not get as cold for sensitive teeth. Glass Dharma is the company to go to for long lasting straws. Their designs are great and they have gone the extra mile to make straws thick enough to be durable and not chip easily.

The straws are great for your favorites like your recipes for acai smoothie. All strong antioxidant fruits have natural sugars that eat away at our enamel. Using straws to sip your favorite smoothie or fruit juice concoction can be better for your teeth. So, today in honor of the drinking straw, order a few glass straws from Glass Dharma so you can soon grab your blender and enjoy a treat while feeling accomplished that you are so eco-friendly.

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