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Celestial Tea Antioxident Max Green Tea – Dragon Fruit Melon

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Celestial Tea Antioxident Max Green Tea - Dragon Fruit Melon, 20-Count

When it comes to selecting teas, there are a wide variety of choices available, from decaf to regular, black tea, white tea, green tea and seemingly every color between. Some teas are enjoyed simply for their flavor, such a tea with a robust aronia berry flavor.  Others can be enjoyed for their medicinal value as seen when the antioxidants of fruits are compared.  Some fruits are naturally higher in antioxidants than others- the acai berry is a prime example- but other can also prove very beneficial.

Celestial Tea has a number of varieties available, many contaiantioxidant-fruits.comng 35% more antioxidants than normal green teas and green tea tinctures. Celestial Seasoning products are made from 100% natural products and ensure the highest quality.  So try our favorite variety today and learn that good taste does not have to be sacrificed in the name of being healthy!

Whether it is enjoyed in the morning to jump start your day or at night to help you unwind after a long and busy day, natural herbal teas such as these is exactly what the doctor ordered.  Incorporating more antioxidants, like those found in these and other great herbal teas, is a great and easy way to stay healthy.

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