Sweet CherriesWhile Chelan cherries are very similar to Bing cherries due to their sweetness, dark red color, and cultivation in the same area, the Chelan cherries ripen nearly two weeks before Bing cherries do. As a result, Chelan cherries are more popular in the early season. Chelan cherries can be cross-pollinated by other types of cherries, such as:

  • Rainier cherries
  • Bing cherries
  • Van cherries

Chelan cherries were developed by the researcher Dr. Tom Toyama and released by Dr. Ed Proebsting at Washington State University in the ’90s as a hybrid cherry. Although at first-glance they seem to be the same as Bing cherries, they differ not only in ripeantioxidant-fruits.comng time, but also in that Chelan cherries are less likely to crack. Bing cherries tend to break open with heavy rainfall. Chelan types of cherries are also a little less sweet than Bing cherries are, although still rather sweet when compared to other types.

Like other types of cherries, the Chelan variety produces a whole host of health benefits. The health benefits of Chelan cherries include:

  • vitamin C content – helps the immune system
  • antioxidant properties (anthocyanin content) – reduces risk of cancer, can act as an inflammatory fruit

The combination of Chelan cherries’ vitamin C content and antioxidant properties, like other cherries, lower the risk of an outbreak of gout or arthritis in suffers, as well as reducing the likelihood of these problems developing in the first place. In other words, get to eating some Chelan cherries! Be sure not to go overboard with Chelan cherries if you have blood sugar problems.

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